Every child in every school has a right to food

Group of middle school students standing together smiling
Globe and Mail | Fatima Da Silva

To say the past few years have been challenging for most is an understatement. From the pandemic to a looming financial crisis, increasing cost of living, ailing health care system and the effects of climate change – like the devastating wildfires our province is currently experiencing – we have all witnessed the many ways our world, and ways of living, have been challenged. Sadly, the impact of these challenges is felt hardest in demographics already affected by poverty and food insecurity.

The 2022 BC Child Poverty Report Card – issued by First Call Child and Youth Advocacy Society – shows a decrease in the number of children living in poverty (from 1 in 5 to 1 in 8) compared to the year prior. But these statistics reflect a time when many families were able to access COVID-19 response emergency government income support. This help has now run out. With inflation persisting and housing and food costs increasing, we know the number of children and families living in poverty is rising again at an alarming rate.